Monday, July 17, 2006


Why A Blog

I tend to read a lot of books. Right now I have three different books on the go, with several others also checked out of the library. I also tend to have a very poor memory for things I've read (or movies I've seen, or things I've said and done, or... well, you get the idea). So I often write down quotations from books as I read, to try to remember the good stuff. Of course, due to the aforementioned poor memory, I usually can't find the paper/napkin/envelope/person on which I wrote down the aforementioned quotations. I started writing them down in a little red notebook, which is handy for when I'm reading on the bus but not so handy when I lose the notebook for a week and a half (which I did recently). So I thought that perhaps a blog for these quotations (and the occasional reflection) might be a good way of keeping all this stuff together... I mean, I can't misplace the internet, can I?

I don't anticipate that this blog will be all that interesting to anyone but me, so I'm not going to advertise it. Let's just see how long it takes before someone stumbles upon it on my Profile page...


Did I find you first?!
I guess you can't misplace the internet...but couldn't you forget your username and password?
I always do...but that's prolly just me...
lol! ya, I always forget my username & password for stuff too!

and you did appear to find me first! woo hoo!
Sadly, it took me a wee bit longer, as I don't usually go by your profile site.

Do you still write down words you want want to remember/define on your bookmarks? I remember that from BR.
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