Friday, July 28, 2006


Mostly Harmless

I've recently re-read the increasingly inaccurately named Hitchhiker's Trilogy. I'd like to put my posts for these books in the correct order but, as fate would have it, was on book 5 by the time I decided to start this blog. So I'm starting with the last book and working backwards (with some other books in between, I'm sure).

I'm on a bit of a Douglas Adams kick, so expect to see a post on The Salmon of Doubt, which I'm reading right now (and, incidentally, I highly recommend), in addition the rest of the trilogy.

The book opens with the following written on the first 4 pages:

I found this fairly amusing. Shortly after reading Mostly Harmless, I started reading The Salmon of Doubt, in which Adams talks about this (so expect to hear more about it in that posting, whenever I get around to it).

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thanks for the reminder, Beth, it's been too long since I went back and revisited this one.

hey, where I come from, VPL is something to be avoided. but maybe that's just a tranna thing?
I am a huge Adams fan, and I hate this book.

This book is one of those pieces of literature that Authors write after throwing up their hands at reader requests to write just one more, and it kinda shows.

IMHO, anyway.
Its too bad DNA didn't get to write a sequel to this book. and I wholeheartedly disagree with jorge. DNA certainly wouldn't have been one of those authors.... would he?
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